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water disinfection

& hygiene services

Our water disinfection and water hygiene services are available to our customers in the Halifax and West Yorkshire area. JMCD Plumbing and Heating Engineers are experts in the disinfection of water systems and water hygiene, we have years of experience and qualifications including watersafe accreditation. Water disinfection services are critical in places such as schools, nursing homes and hospitals. Having your water system tested and treated will protect you and those using the system from harmful bacteria such as legionella bacteria. For more information on our services please email or call one of our experts today.  

west yorkshires

experts in water disinfection

JMCD Plumbing and Heating Engineers are water hygiene specialists, delivering a range of water hygiene and treatment products and services designed to ensure clean drinking water and keep HVAC systems running smoothly and efficiently. We can consult at the construction phase to create inherently hygienic water systems and then provide maintenance to prevent legionella and other water borne bacteria. All works are carried out in accordance with the guidelines laid out in the Approved Code of Practice L8.  

water hygiene and monitoring experts

The risk from Legionella in water systems can be greatly reduced if regular monitoring to identify potential problems is carried out as part of the legionella risk management programme. JMCD's service team can carry out routine and investigative water sampling with the subsequent microbiological and chemical testing being undertaken by independent UKAS accredited laboratories. This ensures that that health risks are fully monitored and managed. For more information on our water hygiene services get in touch with us today.

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