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Annual Boiler Servicing Halifax

Annual boiler servicing in Halifax
Annual boiler servicing in Halifax

When you need a annual boiler service in Halifax or the West Yorkshire remember that

boiler servicing is a vital and regular maintenance check of your household or commercial heating system and can involve a thorough cleaning and testing of the appliance to ensure all elements of your boiler are working safely and correctly.

It’s important that your boiler is checked and tested once a year to ensure that it’s working to its optimum standard. If boilers become faulty, they need to be serviced as soon as possible for your safety and for the sake of the boiler’s efficiency.

A typical boiler service procedure will involve your boiler being fired up by a professional boiler specialist to check for any possible faults. The boiler casing may also need be removed to allow our specialist GAS SAFE engineers to inspect each component thoroughly to ensure nothing is compromising its safety or performance. Depending on the age and type of boiler you have, this annual check should take no more than an hour to complete.

If you would like to know more about our heating services please contact us.


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