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Winter is coming! Are you ready?

Heating engineers and boiler servicing Halifax
Heating engineers and boiler servicing Halifax

The smallest things can make the biggest difference to not just your home, but also your pockets. By preparing yourself for the upcoming winter by getting your boiler serviced in Halifax, you will not only be saving money, but something more valuable. Your own as well as your family’s health. It is important you prioritise the simple steps below to make sure everyone in your household is nice and comfortable in those cold wintery nights, which let’s face it, no one enjoys.

Check your boiler

Can you imagine your boiler breaking down in the middle of winter? Well, we don’t want that to be something that even crosses your mind. This is why, having a regular check up on your heating and plumbing can help you when it is really put to the test. By carrying out regular checks, you are more likely to save money in the long term; as keeping your boiler in good condition lets it operate efficiently at all times. If it does not get checked regularly, you could be spending a lot more than you bargained for, over the course of winter.

These checks are one of the most important and should be kept on top of. Not only because they are a legal requirement for landlords, but also because it can affect the health and safety of everyone in and around the home. Yet again, this is another check that could cause costly repairs if left unattended for a long period of time.  A Gas Safety Certificate will be given to you after making sure everything is working in great condition, and for landlords, this should be done within 28 days of tenants moving in. This certificate will provide you with a record of checks that have been carried out, if anything was to go wrong.

So make sure you get your gas checked; it’s not worth anyone’s life.

Why is a good plumber important?

There are many reasons to why having a good qualified plumber in Halifax is important to keeping your home in check. First is the equipment they have in their arsenal. Having all the necessary machinery makes it more simple and more efficient to carry out jobs. You do not want a plumber to do it quickly and be in and out the house in no time. You need someone who will take their time and make sure everything is perfectly in check before leaving. Experts know how to deal with different problems, so let them get to it and they will make sure you will have no problems when those cold nights come around.

Some of our services include:


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